A Chinese restaurant in Australia has exterminated a large rat after a video of the rodent in the shopfront window went viral yesterday.

The family business in Minto, NSW, has reassured the community the rat's appearance was a freak incident after a resident's video was shared hundreds of times in the space of hours, reported the Macarthur Chronicle.

Restaurant owner Emily Tang said the rat likely rushed through the door from the street at the start of the day.

"I opened the door and it maybe came from the streets, trying to get into the kitchen," she said.


"Every night we close the door, put down material at the door to stop the rats. We have never ever had any rats like this before.

"We called the pest control man straight away and got rid of the rat. We have always had a good record with the health inspector."

The restaurant was able to show documents indicating a pest control business had visited the eatery in 1/10 Minto Rd, opposite the railway station, less than three weeks prior.

Campbelltown Council city development director Jim Baldwin confirmed an environmental health officer attended the premises on Thursday.

"The offending pest had been caught and contained," he said.

"The officer's inspection revealed nothing to validate a closure of the premises and records were presented to prove pest treatment in the last few weeks. This venue has a good compliance record and strong history of appropriate compliance with the Food Act 2003.

"A thorough inspection of the premises was conducted and minor corrective actions were suggested that will be followed up by council to ensure that they are addressed appropriately."

Mr Baldwin said there is no known rat problem in Minto.