A Melbourne man has admitted using Facebook to send thousands of sexually explicit photos and videos of himself to scores of women.

David Anthony Rogers, 34, sent 3245 graphic messages to 91 women between 2011 and 2016, including videos of himself masturbating to their photos.

In the County Court of Victoria on Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to 18 counts of stalking and 73 counts of using a carriage service to send offensive material.

The unemployed man lives with his parents at Camberwell, with his father a doctor, and his mother running the medical practice's administration, while Rogers helps by balancing the books.


Rogers created a number of fictitious Facebook profiles with names such as Tom Jones and James Joyce, the court was told.

Over the course of several years, he sent thousands of explicit messages, videos, photographs and audio recordings to women he found on Facebook and via messaging services such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Snapchat.

Crown prosecutor Jeremy McWilliams said Rogers found pictures of women on Facebook, put them on his television mounted on his bedroom wall, then video recorded himself masturbating to their images while referring to the women's names.

He'd then send the videos to his victims.

In October 2016, one of the women alerted authorities, with police searching Rogers' home soon after and seizing his iPhone, iPad, laptops, hard drives and other devices.

However, Rogers broke bail by setting up new Facebook and WeChat profiles and continuing to send explicit messages.

He sent 396 pictures of his genitals to his victims, 682 typed messaged, 1290 voice messages, 476 masturbating videos and 190 sexually explicit phone calls, the court was told.

He'd also sent pictures of the women he found on Facebook back to his victims 211 times.

Psychologist Kaylene Evers told the court Rogers had low emotional intelligence, had the psychological development of an adolescent, and was using speed at the time of his offending.

She said he would need "intensive treatment" over at least 12 months, or would likely "stagnate" in emotional maturity and likely reoffend.

Rogers has already been in custody for 272 days and will be sentenced on October 23.