The family of a 95-year-old woman has released a shocking video of the abuse she suffered at her home in Macclesfield, UK.

The blind dementia patient can be heard asking God to help her as her carers hurl abuse at her and threaten to break "every bone in her body".

Lynne Nuttall, the patient's daughter, released the secret footage and told the Manchester Evening News she screamed when she first watched it.


"When I looked at the footage I wasn't expecting to see that. I cried out in horror. I had to stop watching. I couldn't bear it," she said.

The entire video includes physical abuse of the woman, dragged by the neck and slapped.

The two carers, Piotre Ciecielowski, 26, and Pedro Dias, 21, have since been charged with abuse and received suspended jail sentences.

They have also been ordered to complete 250 hours unpaid work.

"I will never forgive myself for what I did to that lady. There is no excuse for what I did, I take full responsibility. I am totally ashamed," Dias told the Manchester Evening News.

"Until that night I had worked with the lady for many months. I liked her, she was a real character."

He says he has apologised to the family but his apology has not been accepted.

The woman's daughter called the men "evil and a disgrace".