A New Jersey man who made headlines in 2013 when he won a $338million Powerball jackpot has been arrested on suspicion that he sexually assaulted a young girl for three years.

Pedro Quezada, of Wayne, has been charged with counts of first- and second-degree sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia Valdes said Wednesday that the victim was between 11 and 14 when the assaults occurred. Quezada was living in Passaci at the time.

The 49-year-old Quezada, a father-of-five and a grandfather, faces up to 40 years in prison, if convicted of all the charges filed against him.


Valdes said there did not appear to be any other victims, the MailOnline reported.

Quezada, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic with five children and a granddaughter, ran a bodega in Passaic, working 15-hour days, when he won the lottery in 2013. He took a $152million lump sum payment after taxes.

"My life has changed," he said at a press conference when he was announced as the winner. "It will not change my heart."

Eight months later, Quezada's ex-girlfriend Ines Sanchez, sued him for a portion of the jackpot, arguing that the man purchased the winning lottery ticket with money earned jointly by the couple.

During a press conference in March 2013, a beaming Quezada told reporters that he would buy Ines "whatever she wants" with the money. But his lawyer later said that Sanchez did not deserve any of the winnings because the couple, who lived together for 10 years, was never legally married.

According to the woman's attorney, a large chunk of the lump sum has disappeared including $57million that has been sent to Quezada's native Dominican Republic, $300,000 spent on the home in Clifton, and $20 million that can't be located.

In March 2014, Ines Sanchez dropped her lawsuit against Quezada.

Quezada was also accused of reneging on his promise to pay the rent of his whole street andwas sued by a contractor who claimed he didn't pay for renovations to a home he bought in Clifton.