Shocking footage has emerged of a daycare worker allegedly hitting, pushing, and sitting on a three-year-old child.

In the footage, the woman can be seen allegedly picking the child up by the collar and tossing her into her bed during nap time.

She is seen hitting the child across the bottom and back before attending to other children.

As the footage continues, the caregiver is then seen roughly putting the three-year-old back to bed before sitting on her back.


Speaking to WABC-TV, the three-year-old victim from Brooklyn said she was scared.

"She sat on my back," said the victim, Lauren Henry, told reporter Kemberly Richardson.

"She sat on your back, did that make you sad?".

"Yes," Lauren said.

"What did you do?" Richardson asked.

"I cried," Lauren said.

Mother Diana Gillespie was horrified at the video, saying she feels helpless watching the footage.

"I felt bad because I wasn't there to protect her, somebody was hurting my baby and she was crying for me and I wasn't there to protect her," Gillespie said.


At one point, the suspect twisted Lauren's arm and pulled at her legs as Lauren desperately holds onto the bed.

"She sat on her hips and legs, I was like, 'Wow she could have broken her hips anything could have happened to my child,' look how small she is," Gillespie said.

The daycare worker has now been charged with assault and harassment.