For students across the country, summer is synonymous with exam season and the stress that comes with it.

But one wily student came up with a unique solution to remembering the answers in her physics test - by sticking the answers to the tips of her fingernails.

In a post entitled 'Nailed the exam', Reddit user Blood_Reaper, believed to be from the UK, showed how she had written formulas on tiny pieces of paper before sticking them to the underside of her nail tips.

Her hack was met with a mixed reaction online - with some applauding her resourcefulness while others slammed her for not doing her revision.


Some physics buffs slammed her for failing to get her head around a seemingly straightforward equation with one of them being 'Distance = Speed x Time'.

It is not clear whether the person who took the photo is studying at school or university - but she was met with an almost universal backlash online' with one person even labelling her 'pathetic'.

Another commented: 'And just think, the amount of time and effort to painstakingly attach those little bitty cheat-sheets could have gone into actually learning the material.' So who do you think is right?