Donald Trump Jr has continued his attack on CNN by tweeting a meme of his father blowing up the "fake news" network.

Trump Jr's tweet comes less than a week after President Donald Trump tweeted an edited video clip of himself "beating up" CNN, reported The Daily Mail.

The president's son retweeted a short video that was edited to show Trump shooting and blowing up a missile with CNN's logo superimposed on it. He also reposted it on Instagram.

The meme was originally tweeted by @OldRowOfficial on Saturday morning with the caption: "Hey @CNN we heard you like memes".


Trump Jr retweeted the video 10 minutes later, saying: "One of the best I've seen."

The original footage comes from the film Top Gun and in the edited version, Trump's face is superimposed over the Maverick character played by Tom Cruise.

Trump Jr recently took his antagonistic tweeting to a new level after CNN was accused of trying to "blackmail" the middle-aged Reddit user who anonymously created the GIF of Trump wrestling with the network.

On Wednesday, CNN was accused by its opponents of "blackmailing" the person who created the original video on Wednesday, after the network revealed it had spoken to him and could "release his identity" in future.

Trump Jr has been tweeting furiously about the "controversy", and on Thursday morning he fired off another tweet in response to CNN boss Jeff Zucker saying the president is trying to bully the news network.

"Also CNN: Let's bully and intimidate citizens online so they never question our #fakenews again! #CNNBlackmail," Trump Jr wrote.

Minutes earlier, he had attacked the network's reporter Jim Acosta - who his father has feuded with - for questioning whether the president's press conference in Poland was "fake" because he took questions from "a reporter who is essentially an ally of the White House".

"So by that logic, was every news conference for the last 8 years #fakenews Jim?" he wrote, making the assertion President Barack Obama was coddled by the media.


He then briefly switched targets to fire off a tweet at NBC, after reporter Chuck Todd wrote about Don Jr's dad's speech in Poland: "A trashing of the American press corps and Intel community in Eastern Europe of all places. Could Putin have asked for anything more?"

"CNN: Lets corner the market on anything stupid and overly sensational!!! NBC: Hold my beer," Trump Jr wrote, in an attempt to mimic a popular meme.

The Thursday morning tweets came after he spent hours on Wednesday going after CNN's KFile reporter, Andrew Kaczynski, who tracked down Reddit user "HanA**holeSolo".

"So I guess they weren't effective threatening the admin so they go after & bully a 15 y/o? Seems in line w their "standards" #CNNBlackmail," he wrote in one tweet on Wednesday, pushing the claim the man behind the account was a teenager.

That was said to be false by CNN and Kaczynski, who spoke to the Reddit user directly.

"If only @CNN spent as much time tracking down info on IRS targeting, Fast & Furious, Iran deal etc as they did a meme writer! #CNNBlackmail," Don Jr wrote in another post.

For the most part, Kaczynski steered clear of Don Jr's tweets, however he did offer a response after the president's son accused him of deleting posts.

"The son of the president sent a second false tweet today about me and CNN. Neither has been corrected," the CNN reporter wrote.

Trump Jr was one of many conservatives who attacked CNN on Wednesday after it posted an article detailing how it tracked down the man behind Trump's WWE-mimicking meme.

The article read: "CNN is not publishing "HanA**holeSolo's" name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again."

The article then added: "CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change."