A shocking Facebook live video shows the grim moment a woman tries to wake up her boyfriend after he overdosed on heroin inside of a parked car in Massachusetts.

The seven-minute long video of the incident has been viewed over 12 million times since being recorded on June 21 at 6.26pm in a neighbourhood in the Dorchester area.

The graphic clip begins by showing a man walking up to a parked white car with the couple both passed out in the front seats.

A needle can be seen lying in the unidentified woman's lap as she sits in the driver's seat.


"That ***** dead, look look, he's dead," the man recording the video says of the passenger in the front seat.

Another person with the person filming the video knocks on the car window in an attempt to wake the couple up.

"Yo they dead man, somebody call 911," a person yells.

"Ay wake up, y'all got to go," the man filming shouts as the woman begins to wake up.

She can be seen trying to wake up the male passenger by shaking his head, but he remains unconscious.

"What are y'all doing? Is he alright?' the person filming asks the woman who opens the car door.

"I don't know what's going on," she replies while frantically trying to wake up the male passenger.

"You still got the needle in your lap. Take that out of your lap," a person can be heard yelling at the woman.


She replies, "what", as she is seemingly confused about what just happened before grabbing the needle and yelling her boyfriend's name, Dan.

The person filming the video asks if he needs an ambulance and she replies she doesn't know while frantically trying to wake him up.

"Honey, Dan," she yells while shaking him.

The man filming tells her that he doesn't look okay.

""****, I have Narcan in my trunk," she says in reference to the drug that treats narcotic overdoses in emergency situations.

She quickly gets out of the car to grab the drug out of the trunk before running back to her boyfriend, who is still unresponsive.

"Dan, hey, Dan, ****," she shouts while running over to the passenger side of the car.

The woman thanks the men filming the video for knocking on the car door to wake them up as she administers two shots of Narcan to her boyfriend.

"Dan you've got to wake up, Dan," one of the people standing by yells.

The woman asks for someone to call an ambulance while still frantically trying to wake up her boyfriend.

The man filming the video asks if he has a pulse, to which she says she doesn't know and tries to check.

"Dan, Dan, yo," she yells while shaking him.

A person in the distant background can be heard yelling "officer" as a police unit is nearby.

The woman gets on top of her boyfriend to begin administering CPR in an effort to save his life.

The man filming the video can be heard yelling that she "already gave him some" in reference to Narcan before saying she gave him "two shots".

The woman then asks him how long they had been sitting in the car.

"Y'all been sitting there for a while," he replies. "When we noticed what y'all were up to we was like y'all got to go. Then we found out like he was unconscious."

"Thank you so much," she tells the man, while still administering CPR on her boyfriend. "Thank you so much for waking me up."

A few minutes go by as her boyfriend is still unconscious and a police officer arrives on scene to assist.

Shortly after the officer arrives, the man begins to move and vomits moments later.

"I'm glad you came back, man," said the man filming the Facebook live.

It's unclear if the couple was arrested or if they face any charges.

EMTs in Boston have responded to more than 1300 overdose calls so far this year. That equates to about 7.5 calls each day.