Police in Oklahoma say a father held his estranged wife at knifepoint while he tried to drown their 3-month-old twins in a bathtub. A neighbour was alerted and killed the father.

Leland Foster, 27 years old, of Ada, Oklahoma. allegedly went to the home of his estranged wife, Michelle Forrells, and their twins. Foster pulled Forrells into a bathroom, threatened her at knifepoint and began trying to drown the children - a boy and a girl, according to Ada public information officer Lisa Bratcher.

A 12-year-girl inside the home at the time ran to a neighbour's house for help. That neighbour, Cash Freeman, grabbed his revolver, entered the house and shot Foster in the back twice. He later died of his injuries.

The twins were flown to an Oklahoma City hospital and were released the next day. Police told NBC News that the babies were "doing great".


One neighbour, Summer Pierce, told KFOR, "I think he did the right thing because who knows what would have happened to the babies if he hadn't intervened. They might not have made it."

Ada police say Freeman was questioned after the shooting. The district attorney will determine whether it was a justified homicide. Freeman said he did what he had to do to save the children. However, he told KFOR he was concerned that he could be in trouble.

Other neighbours say they heard the mother screaming "help me, help me".

Some online are calling Freeman a hero.

In 2011, Foster was charged with arson and domestic violence by strangulation in the first degree. In that case, Foster was accused of choking his ex-girlfriend and setting clothes on fire inside an apartment. Police found the bathtub filled with water and electronics. He pleaded no contest.