Shocking footage has captured the moment a truck fell off a 20m tall flyover in northern Taiwan's Keelung City.

The truck can be seen applying the brakes for a few times before turning to the left, however it flipped over the barrier to the slope below.A 62-year-old male driver surnamed Zhuang suffered multiple fractures and died at the scene.

The tragedy happened on the Formosa Freeway, in the city's Qidu district this week, reported the Bastille Post.

A dash camera from a car following the truck captures the fatal crash. It shows the truck slowing down at a bend a few times before the container starts to lean towards the barrier.


Seconds later, the truck flipps over the barrier and plunges over the side of the motorway.
The emergency brake had left a 100m-long skid mark on the motorway.

The Keelung City Fire Department sent a rescue team to the Formosa Freeway and confirmed that the male driver was found trapped in the crumpled vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene with multiple fractures.

According to the National Highway Police Bureau, the preliminary investigations indicated that the vehicle was travelling at a high speed during the turn, which caused it to topple.