When Bianca Dabi had her iPhone stolen, she kissed it goodbye.

She had driven to an ATM at Chase Bank in Dallas, Texas, according to news.com.au.

"As I got out of the car, some kids were asking for some donations. I brushed them off, was in a hurry," she told FOX 4.

"ATM, then back to my car. Phone's gone. Took about 60 or 90 seconds."


Dabi put the iPhone down as a loss and went to a shop to buy a new one. It was there that she got a surprise.

The young thieves had taken selfies and a video that were automatically uploaded to Dabi's iCloud.

"When I saw those pictures, I was just shocked. And, actually, I thought it was kind of funny," she said.

"I was like 'no, they really didn't take a video and a picture on a stolen phone!'"

Dabi, a personal trainer, then posted the selfies on her Facebook account, and several people commented on her post saying the people in the photos are often in Dallas selling sweets and asking for money.

"Random people, friends, have texted me. Everyone has seen or dealt with these kids or given money to them," she said.

Dabi has filed a report with Dallas Police Department.

"This maybe will get us a step closer to putting a stop to this," she said.