Fire crews have rescued a man left dangling after scaffolding collapsed at a Florida hotel.

Miami firefighters spoke to the man from a nearby balconey as rescue crews worked at the Key Biscayne scene.

Department of Fire-Rescue Captain Ignatius Carroll said the scaffolding collapsed outside the Grand Bay Club, leaving the man dangling on the side of the building.

The man, who was being held up by a harness, was resting his left foot on the ledge of a window.


He did have some numbness in his leg, and what we did was we helped him and assisted him to just try to reposition himself as best as we could until we had the city of Miami TRT team have two personnel hook him to their harnesses and bring him all the way down," Key Biscayne Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Marcos Osorio said.

The man was not hurt but was treated for dehydration.

Firefighter Miguel Perez told ABC "That's what we trained for. We don't necessarily think of ourselves as heroes. We're firemen."