An incredible video posted by a self-proclaimed extreme aerobatics pilot shows just how difficult it is to land a commercial airline in extreme wind.

The Polish man put his camera near his feet to take the video, which got an astonishing 2,500 reactions on Facebook in its first 24 hours live, the Daily Mail reported.

In the video he appears to be smiling and laughing as he makes small talk with his co-pilot and lands in the tricky conditions.

Kielak uses both hands which appear to be going wild to maintain control of the plane in the conditions.


With the video on Facebook he wrote: 'I'm always saying that airline pilot gets his salary for one landing per month... this is the day I earned mine.

'Maximum crosswind limit steady, gust plus steady and gust in one... FULL FORCE column deflections was required... I LOVE Boeing 737 for its stability in severe conditions.'

The self-described extreme aerobatics pilot has many photos and videos of him doing different stunts on his Facebook.

The Boeing 737 model is an American short-to-medium-range twin-jet narrow-body airliner, and developed as a lower cost option.

It is often used by some budget airlines such as Ryanair or Southwest Airlines, and used for shorter-distance flights.

Boeing 737s are fairly heavy even when empty - around 40 tons - and about 70 tons when fully loaded with passengers, which makes the footage all the more remarkable.

Pilots are trained to operate planes in strong winds and in 2016 footage showed how their skills bring passengers home safely even in rough conditions.

The video was of an Emirates A380 coming into land at Manchester Airport during Storm Frank.