A video has surfaced shows the moment a man with a gaping facial wound strutted around a hospital corridor as if he were "possessed by the devil" according to the Daily Mail.

The footage was reportedly filmed by staff at the Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio, Brazil when the man was brought in after being shot in the face.

Blood is dripping from the injury and the man is screaming continuously.

He paced around the corridor bent backwards with his mouth open.


His eyes appeared wide and dark and he appeared to be trying to explain his injury in a raspy voice.

Terrified hospital staff were reportedly too frightened to approach the patient and several clips show doctors and nurses attempting to keep a safe distance from the man.

The video was posted online under the title: The Joys of Working at Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio and captioned "WTF? Zombies are real?"

It is unknown if the wounded man was treated at the hospital, or how bad his injuries were.