This is the shocking moment police found a kidnap victim cowering in the boot of a car during a routine check.

The distressed woman was discovered with her hands tied up after officers heard screaming coming from the boot at a check point in Brazil, the Daily Mail reported.

Footage shows policemen opening the boot to discover the victim sobbing before they use a knife to free her hands.

Two men were in the white car when it was stopped at the checkpoint, it has been reported.


Officers then heard screaming coming from the trunk and went about trying to open it.

In the two-minute clip, shared on Live Leak, police can be seen examining the interior of the car and pushing buttons on the dash board in the hope of opening the boot.

Eventually they succeed and help the captive to safety, removing a cloth from around her mouth and using a knife to slice through ties around her wrists.

It is not yet known where exactly the footage was captured and the identity of the victim and her captors is not yet known.

At the end of the video, the relieved and emotional woman throws her arms around one of the officers.