A furious Russian businessman took his axe to a new Range Rover, claiming he paid £147,000 (NZ$253,000) for "broken British s**t."

The bizarre footage shows 32-year-old Rinat Iskakov filming himself as he smashes the window of the specially adapted 4.4 D model, bought eight months ago, in the snow outside his home.

Wearing a red tartan jacket, the man gives a running commentary of his destruction, which he says was due to the vehicle locking his keys inside.

The bizarre play-by-play on his car rage starts with: "Well, here is this car. It is a piece of s**t worth 11million roubles."


"Yesterday it blocked all the electric equipment itself.

"Today I started the engine to warm it up and to take the car to the repair shop.

"The keys were inside when it blocked all the doors. I stopped the engine via the satellite, but still I can't get into the car.

"So here is the scene for you (he shows the axe).

"We are going to open this car right now. I send my best wishes to the dealers and other representation offices."

At this point the bearded tycoon questions the cost of the vehicle, and starts hammering at the window with the axe, but the sturdiness of the 4x4 means it takes him 11 attempts to crack the glass.

"I hate this car. It's a piece of s**t," he rants.

"I am so happy now. Now I can open my car. Yes, I have lost the money.

"I will probably dump this car soon."

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Holding up the brand name of the axe, he says: "Some advertising for Fiskars now.

"Guys, you make the best tools to crash Range Rovers.

"I am so glad, now I can get into my car."

Moving the camera to show his face, he continues his tirade, aiming abuse at car dealers.

A spokesman for Land Rover Russia replied to the video by saying: "We would recommend that he should have used his second key.

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"We have watched this video.

"Unfortunately, we have to admit that the client never came for an official service to his dealer since the moment of purchase."

"He may also have installed a non-standard alarm system causing his problems in being locked out of his vehicle."

The angry car-owner, who is believed to be married with one child, said: "And we would recommend you to stop selling broken British s**t. We have got enough here already."

He uploaded the footage calling his vandalism: "What you should do if your Range Rover is a piece of s**t?"