A five-year-old Iranian boy was reunited with his mother after being detained at Dulles International Airport following President Trump's immigrant ban this week.

After being held for a number of hours at the Washington, DC airport, the boy finally rejoined his mother, who then sang him Happy Birthday, the Daily Mail reported.

He was kissed by family members bearing flowers who took the boy home, shown by the video obtained by WJLA.

Protests erupted at airports across the nation earlier this week as dozens of immigrants, and legal citizens from Middle Eastern countries were banned from entering the United States.


President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday banning the admittance of Syrian refugees for 90 days, which took immediate affect while many were in the air en route to America.

The action prompted massive protests at airports across the nation, including at Dulles Airport, where the child was detained away from his mother.

The protests sparked the hashtag #NoBanNoWall, urging lawmakers to oppose Trump's strict immigration policies and halt building of a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Twitter users were quick to respond to the emotional video, noting the incredulity of preventing a child from seeing his mother because of where he came from.

A New York judge implemented a temporary stay for the immigrants detained at John F Kennedy airport on Saturday night, contradicting Trump's ruling.