A teenage mum who filmed herself taping her toddler son to a wall and posted it on Facebook has been arrested.

Shayla Rudolph of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, was doing the housework when she broadcast the shocking clip on Facebook Live.

She used clear packing tape over her son's mouth, and restrained her two-year-old's arms against a wall with tape for about 15 minutes, police said.

On Thursday she was arrested on suspicion of third-degree felony abduction and her child taken into care after police viewed her video handiwork.

In the video the 18-year-old jokes to the tot she is 'the best mommy in the world'.

She can be seen apparently filming herself on a phone while working around the house, as she addresses the camera.

Rudolph can be heard saying: "Parents don't need to whoop the kids, all you gotta do is tape them to the wall.

"You can't clean with him tearing up? Tape him to the wall.

"You can't cook or none of that cos they're running around? Tape 'em to the wall."

But an upset viewer reported the mother to children's services after seeing the video online.