It's -7 degrees in Richmond, Virginia right now.

The state is being slammed with weather so terrible that police said they responded to 527 weather related road accidents on what is being referred to as Snow Saturday.

At a time when businesses, offices and schools are closed and most Virginians are taking refuge indoors, the Virginian Pilot is bringing some cheer to the frozen state with this clever front page.

While the play on Vanilla Ice hit is fantastic, the weather conditions are no laughing matter.


Lyle Alexander, National Weather Service meteorologist, told the Pilot that the Norfolk and Portsmouth areas had the most snow, with 5 to 7 inches (12 to 17cm). Virginia Beach had the least, with 4 to 5 (10-12cm).

"As you go farther south and east with this storm, there was more sleet in other places so that kind of knocked down the snow totals," Alexander said.

Keep warm Virginia. And keep creating great front pages.