Heartbreaking video footage from inside the plane that crashed this week in Colombia showed the co-pilot and team members speaking at their excitement about the trip.

Colombian model Sisy Arias, 29, who was on her first flight as a civilian co-pilot can be seen sitting in the cockpit talking about her pride at transporting the team.

"We are ready to offer them the best service," she said, beaming at the fact the popular team is flying on Bolivian airline Lamia.

"One thing that is very important to know is that the team is using a Bolivian airline to take them to Medellin, even though they are a Brazilian team," she said.


Sisy Arias was on her first flight as co-pilot

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She is also a famous model


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Another co-pilot described them as "a great team at the bottom that had managed to climb up and now they are in the final."

"It is the second time we transport them. The first time was when they reached the quarterfinals. They are going with a lot of hope and with a lot of luck. I think we'll return with good results."

The team manager is also shown saying passing over Bolivia would "give us luck".

Shortly afterwards, the plane crashed just minutes outside Colombia's Medellin airport after being forced to delay landing and running out of fuel en route to their Copa Sudamericana final. Seventy one people on board were killed including nearly all of the team and 20 journalists. Just six people survived.

The video comes as tens of thousands of fans packed stadiums in Brazil and Colombia to pay tribute to the team. At the stadium where the match was due to be played helicopters used to rescue survivors hovered overhead while fans held an emotional vigil. The names of the victims were read aloud while the words "Eternal Champions" appeared on the big screen.

Authorities are investigating what caused the fatal crash after audio released revealed the final, panicked moments on board.


The frantic exchange with air traffic control shows the pilot asking to land because of fuel problems. However another plane experiencing mechanical issues at the same time meant they were pushed back.

After being pushed into a holding pattern the pilot became more desperate saying "complete electrical failure, without fuel," before the plane went into a four-minute spiral towards the ground.

By the time the air traffic controller had realised how serious it was and told the other plane to make room it was too late. Seconds before going silent, the pilot can be heard saying he is flying at 9000 feet and saying: "Vectors, señorita. Landing vectors" in a final plea.

The controller can be heard telling the pilots ambulances are on standby before finally asking what altitude they are at. There is no response.