The "Australian hero" who chased a man who fell asleep at the wheel and damaged his friend's shop is a carnival worker who only drinks organic beer.

Dan McConnell gained international notoriety after his colourful account of chasing an unlicensed driver wearing nothing but his underwear went viral on Thursday.

Source: Today Show

The father-of-four was told "not to be a hero" when he went to check on the driver, who admitted he had fallen asleep at the wheel and was planning to flee. But a half naked McConnell was having none of that.

McConnell's account of the chase to news reporters exploded across TV screens on Thursday, making him an instant celebrity. On Friday morning, the man from Hendra, Queensland, was doing the rounds of morning TV and radio.


McConnell revealed he worked in a carnival for over a decade - with his charm and charisma coming in handy when trying to get strangers to participate in the games.

"I worked good old sideshow alley where you chuck a ball in the bucket and the ball keeps bouncing out, but I'm more than happy to keep taking your money," he told Sunrise, adding that he is a "bloody good robber".

McConnell said he is not a "health nut" and does not exclusively eat organic, but drinks an organic beer made in New South Wales because "it's different".

"I only drink organic beer because the doctors say anything that's organic is good for you. So, this beer's gotta be good for ya," he told Sunrise on Friday.

McConnell is also preparing to welcome a new member to the family - with the "fair dinkum" Aussie's family finding out after he made the revelation to a reporter and it was aired around the globe.

"My partner did not tell anyone and now the world knows," he said.

McConnell modestly gives his partner the credit for stirring him when she heard the crash, adding: "If she didn't wake me up I wouldn't be a superstar."

His son Xavier Gibson said he watched his father's television appearance at school, with all his classmates in agreement that McConnell acted heroically.

"I was proud of him," he told The Today Show as his sister and brother smiled quietly in the background.

The colourful character said he is enjoying his time in the limelight, and found it hilarious Sportsbet had odds on him getting a bravery award or becoming Queensland state's next Premier.

When asked if he feared for his own safety during the early morning pursuit, he said he had a crow bar in his car and was prepared to defend himself.

"I had my Jimmy bar and if you mess with me, you mess with Jimmy."

The hero said on Thursday that it was instinctual to chase down the allegedly unlicensed driver out of loyalty to his friend.

"I jumped out of bed and all I had on was my undies and I've walked out the front and I've seen the car smashed and the bloke walking back to the car," he told The Today Show.

"I've said 'What are you doing, mate? You can't be leaving the scene'."

The father-of-four said the driver told him he had fallen asleep and told him not to "be a hero".

But the good Samaritan, who has lived in the area for four years, knew the police would be there shortly after seeing his friend's shop looking 'beyond a mess' he decided to follow him.

"He decided he is going to scoot up the road and I said 'nah, it's not going on like that' so I just jumped in my car.

"All I had was me jocks on and I was chasing him up the street and I was just like, mate," the animated hero said.

McConnell said the driver darted into a side street, but he had him cornered and pointed police in the right direction when the arrived.

He was blown away by the damage done to the local fish and chip shop during the late night crash.

"My mate's mum had this shop for like 40-odd years and look at it. Look at it... Words can't explain how it is."

Despite his heroic efforts toward bringing the person responsible to justice, McConnell was modest when asked if he felt like a hero.

He said: "You look after your mates and your mates will always look after you."

Police said they were able to find a 35-year-old man from Redcliffe thanks to McConnell's efforts.

He was charged with one count of unlicensed driving on Thursday morning and is expected to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on January 31.