A reckless passenger has come under fire on social media for slapping a male cyclist on the bottom.

A camera attached to the cyclist caught the bizarre moment on Anchorage Drive in Mindarie, a coastal suburb in Perth, Western Australia.

The male passenger, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, reached his arm out as the silver car approached the cyclist.

The driver then gets closer to the cyclist so the passenger can slap the cyclist on the bottom, before driving off.


The Australian Cycle Alliance posted the footage to social media, calling it a 'stupid, dangerous' act which has caused major crashes in the past.

"This passenger should be re-educated," the page wrote.

"What's worse is that he is nothing but the stereotype."
"We feel this is as close to a hit and run without injury, it is still a hit and run. Just another #coward."

Comments on the video condemned the actions, calling it "brainless", "gutless", "fairly typical", "stupid' and "dumb"

One Facebook user wrote: 'Slap him with a $4,000 close pass fine and a hit and run'.
Others encouraged the rider to go to the police.

"That's assault. Passenger should be charged with common assault and the driver as an accessory."

One woman left a comment detailing a similar incident.

"Similar to this incident I had earlier this year. The policeman I spoke to said that they couldn't prove "intent" to hit me, and that the driver (if the police were to bother trying to contact them) was under no obligation to identify their passenger. And that it 'looked like a safe pass to me'..."

It comes after two men on a scooter groped female cyclists in Perth's northern suburbs.
Several people came forward after being harassed by the pair.