Don't mess with this homeowner!

A burglar got more than he bargained for when he broke into a couple's home in Sydney's southwest on Sunday - the intruder was shot with a compound bow and arrow, Sydney's Daily Telegraph is reporting.

The thief was shot in the buttocks with a bow and arrow during a botched break and enter at the home on Glanara St in Wattle Grove about 5.20pm.

The man stole cash and property from a bedroom in the house, before he took the keys to the couple's Nissan X-Trail, which was parked in the garage, the Telegraph reports.


He then reversed out of the garage only to be confronted by the angry homeowner, who was holding a compound bow and arrow.

The thief got out of the car and ran from the garage before jumping the fence and heading towards another parked car.

The 68-year-old homeowner, however, stood on a fence, took aim and shot the intruder in the buttocks, who managed to get into his Mazda Tribute, and escape.

Police have now seized the bow and arrow as evidence.

A crime scene was established and will be examined by forensic experts.