It was the showdown the internet had been waiting for. And viewers of the second presidential debate didn't have to wait long to see why.

Donald Trump, who has suffered a weekend of damaging leaks, faced off against rival Hillary Clinton.

But rather than focus on policies and what they mean, the internet instead was drawn to the behaviour of the candidates.

Trump's apparent lurking and sniffing was drawn into the spotlight, while others viewers were simply entertained by the theatrics.


It wasn't long before Trump's past behaviour with women was raised and Twitter loved it.

It also took a serious turn, when Trump told Clinton she should be in jail over her email scandal.

Many also commented how childish the candidates appeared at times.

But it was when Trump claimed he was a gentlemen that things really got interesting.

Some viewers claimed Trump was acting like a bully.

And of course no one could look past the sniffle, which had also grabbed headlines during the last debate.

Trump's "extreme vetting" defence to Muslim immigration was also worth a meme or two, as were his comments on foreign policy regarding Russia and Syria.

And for a glimpse of the media at today's debate: