Rahami is a 28-year-old naturalised US citizen from Afghanistan

2 He is about 5' 6" (1.70m) tall and weighs approximately 90kg. Rahami has brown hair, brown eyes, and brown facial hair.


3 He was arrested today following a shootout with police. Two officers and the suspect were wounded.

4 Rahami had visited Afghanistan - possibly several times. Associates of the suspect told the New York Times that he may have been radicalised during these trips.

5 His last known address was in Elizabeth, New Jersey. His family run a fried chicken shop. FBI agents raided an apartment above it.

6 Rahami was found by a bar owner in Linden, New Jersey, sleeping in his hall way. A police officer went to investigate and recognised the man as Rahami, police and Linden Mayor Derek Armstead said.

7 Rahami pulled a gun and shot the officer - who was wearing a bulletproof vest - in the torso, and more officers joined in a gun battle along the street and brought Rahami down, police Captain James Sarnicki said.

8 William Sweeney, the FBI's assistant director in New York, said there were no indications Rahami was on law enforcement's radar at the time of the bombings.

9 Sweeney wouldn't detail how investigators zeroed in on Rahami as someone they wanted to question, but a law enforcement official says Rahami was seen in surveillance footage "clear as day" at the scene of the bombing in Manhattan. The official says investigators were also able to recover his fingerprints from the scene. Another law enforcement official says investigators pulled over a car "associated" with Rahami when it appeared headed toward an airport on Monday. It had three men and two women in it.

10 CNN said Rahami was implicated in a domestic incident years ago - allegedly threatening his sister with a knife - but the claim was recanted.

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