The Queensland government says it's no surprise Pauline Hanson has hired a former economic adviser to US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The One Nation leader's move was revealed at a public forum following a question about the economy. "We have just taken him from the Trump camp, and we need to build credibility on the economics front," her chief of staff James Ashby said.

He did not name the adviser but said he had just landed in Australia and was "one of the world's leading economists".

Acting Premier Jackie Trad yesterday continued the government's condemnation of Hanson as potentially damaging for Queensland's reputation.


"It's not a surprise to me that Pauline Hanson continues to reach over into the far right for advice," she said.

"Ms Hanson's politics around exclusion and vilification and promoting, I think, a false agenda around economics, will only hurt Queensland in the future."

Hanson's central Queensland visit followed this week's maiden speech, in which she claimed Australia was being "swamped by Muslims who bear a culture and ideology that is incompatible with our own".