A heartbreaking series of pictures capture the moment a pet owner treated her dying dog to a fun-packed final day before taking the beloved animal to the veterinarian and saying a final goodbye.

An Imgur user shared 26 images of the dog, which appears to be an American pit bull terrier, enjoying some of her favorite things alongside her owner.

Entitled 'Dogs are too amazing to let go, but sometimes it happens and they will forgive you', the first photo shows the dog sitting in the front seat of a car holding her head down low.

"I don't know if she knows or not," the pet owner wrote over the photo.


The next image shows the dog giving her best expression of sad, puppy dog eyes to the camera, with the caption: "She trusts me to make a choice. No matter how hard it might be."

With her head turned back towards the road, the poor dog has closed her eyes in the next photo, appearing to be exhausted.

"But I know she's tired," the female pet owner wrote over the heartbreaking photo.

The next snap shows the sweet dog sticking her head out of the window during the car trip.

The dog appears to be an American pit bull terrier. Photo / via Imgur
The dog appears to be an American pit bull terrier. Photo / via Imgur

"The stairs are hard. The hills are mountains. The pills don't work," the pet owner wrote over the photo.

"But if I have to make that choice. Then let's make the last day the best one yet," she said in two photos of the dog who still looks sad in the eyes.

In making the dog's last day the best, the owner first treats her to some pampering and captured a few images of her being washed at a local Pet Smart store.

"Aroma therapy to make you relax and feel amazing too," her owner wrote over an image of her all soapy with suds.


After receiving treatment, the dog had a heart-shaped "beauty mark" put onto her coat for a little decoration.

Next up, it was time for a meal in the shape of a McDonald's cheeseburger.

"One last delicious meal," the pet owner wrote over one of the images showing her dog chowing down on what appears to be a cheeseburger from the fast food restaurant.

The next photo shows a young boy and girl as they say their goodbyes to the dog who appears even sadder at the prospect of leaving them.

But the dog cheers up in the next few images, as she sports a pink bandanna around her neck while playing with an old friend - another dog.

The two are seen smiling as they sit and stand next to each other for the final time.

She's treated to a little more pampering while "enjoying the cool air" outside her owner paints her nails with a pink colored polish to match the pink bandanna.

"She's my pretty old girl," the owner captioned an image of her dog all dolled up.

The second to last photo in the series shows the dog in the car with owner, as they ride to the vet clinic.

And the last photo is heartbreaking. The owner can be seen tightly hugging the dog as its life slips away.

The photo series coincides with National Dog Day, celebrated August 26 in the United States.