Five men thrown off a Jetstar flight last night after a wild drunken brawl will be sent back to Australia tomorrow, escaping any criminal charges.

The men, one of whom is Kiwi, on a flight from Sydney to Phuket, were offloaded in Bali after the flight was diverted when the brawl got out of control on Wednesday night.

News Corp Australia can confirm that Bradley Beecham, Brett Eldridge, Michael Matthews, Mark Rossiter and New Zealander Lynmin Waharai were all detained in police custody after the pilot was forced to divert the flight.

The General Manager at Bali's Gusti Ngurah Rai airport, Trikora Harjo, said the airport had received a report from Jetstar that there were "unruly passengers fighting in the cabin" and the pilot had decided to divert the plane to Bali.


Mr Harjo said the men, who were being questioned by airport authorities, were found to be drunk and that three of the five involved in the melee had smelled of alcohol.

It is understood that the brawl involved five men - four against one.

Mr Harjo said the men would not be charged with any offence but would be sent home to Australia on a Jetstar flight on Friday.

"As the flight landed we brought them to the arrival hall of the international airport with Immiration, police and security of Ngurah Rai (airport). They are now being interrogated," Mr Harjo said.

"I have communicated with the airline. They will bring them back to Australia. The airline will send their security to Bali to escort them back to Australia today. And they will be taken back to Australia tomorrow on Friday with Jetstar flight," he said.

n a statement, Jetstar said it took the safety of passengers seriously.

"We take safety and security seriously and we don't tolerate disruptive behaviour by passengers on our flights," the airline said.

"The other customers onboard supported the decision to offload the group in Bali and thanked the crew."

A social media user posted on the Sunrise Facebook page saying that three of her friends were on the flight.

"I've been talking to one of them this morning. She said it was really scary. She was in tears and kids etc were screaming," she wrote.

"Blood was everywhere. It was a massive punch-up."