Is it acceptable to sunbathe in your underwear?

As Britain embraces the heatwave, the internet debates whether laying out in your pants is a step too far.

Britain has been basking in a sweltering heatwave as temperatures surpassed 33C in one of the nation's hottest weeks.

Sun worshippers have been heading to parks and beaches to enjoy the heat as the mercury soared towards 35C.


Meanwhile other people took advantage of their lunch breaks to desert stuffy offices and catch some rays outside.

But it seems that some sun worshippers are going to extreme lengths to get a sun tan, and it's left the nation divided.

Many men and women have been stripping off to their underwear in their local parks and gardens to maximise their tan.

Clearly without swimwear but keen to get a glow, daring ladies and men have instead donned bras, knickers and boxers in the sweltering heat. Some women have even gone topless to avoid awkward tan lines and fashioned their pants into a thong to make the most of the sun's rays.

The debate over where it's socially acceptable to wear swimwear was raised in New Zealand after Trumpet released the togs or undies ad back in 2006.

Brits have taken to social media in their droves to discuss the issue - and the nation is divided as to whether it's socially acceptable.

Many social media users aired their views saying it was the best way to make the most of the British weather.

One user wrote: "When you can't find a bikini to sunbathe in the garden in, so underwear it is #DoILookLikeICare" and another echoed her sentiments saying: ''Do what I did in school. Find a quiet spot, strip to your underwear, sunbathe and pray no one catches u!"

One bemused user wrote: "Large number of ladies sunbathing in Regent's Park at lunch in just bra after taking off their work tops today", followed by a cringing monkey emoji.

Others were equally bemused. One man named Bren wrote on Twitter: "Some 20-year-old chica had her bra sunbathing on the chair", followed by laughing-face emjois.

Others seemed somewhat shocked by the scenes: "The way this woman in the park just took off her top and is now sunbathing in her lacy pink bra", wrote one man.

Another added: "Large number of ladies sunbathing in Regent's Park at lunch in just bra after taking off their work tops today", followed by a cringing monkey emoji.

One more vocal user named Jessica wrote: "One thing I hate about this weather is having to see people all over my fb sunbathing in their UNDERWEAR, please do us a favour & refrain".

The issue was also discussed on Quora, where one person asked: "Why is it socially acceptable for women to wear bikinis in public but not underwear?"

A man named Will Wister replied: "It's about connotations. Underwear connotes the state immediately prior to nudity, so if someone is wearing underwear, that person is essentially saying 'Look at me I'm almost nude'."

"Swimsuits connote swimming at the beach or at a pool. The wearer is saying 'It's so hot and I just went swimming or might sunbathe later and I'm too lazy to change'. So it has nothing to do with the amount of the body the clothing exposes and everything to do with what the clothing signifies."

A woman called Ella Gonzalez added: "There are two practical differences. Bras and panties can be see-through. So can bikinis, but that's a design flaw. Also, bikinis are made of sturdier materials (usually), so they should stand up to the wear and tear of swimming/saltwater, and the sun. The rest is just social mores these days, and you are right, it's silly."