Rugby great Colin Meads' granddaughter, Christy Meads, was forced to flee the Nice terror attacks, according to Fairfax.

The Bastille Day attacks killed 80 and injured more than 100.

The 23-year-old, a teacher at Leamington School in Cambridge, is in Nice while touring around Europe. She was in a nightclub a short walk away from the scene of the slaughter at the time, Fairfax reported.

"I hardly had time to think, it all just happened extremely quickly and I just knew I had to run," she told Fairfax.


The nightclub staff put down the shutters and locked everyone inside before they snook out the back door, she said.

With their Contiki tour manager who was keeping their group together, they ran through the streets for around 15 minutes back to their hotel.

Meads described the frantic atmosphere in the streets, with noone aware what was happening.