United States police have charged a transgender woman after she was caught filming an 18-year-old woman in a Target changing room.

Time Magazine reports police were called after the victim saw an iPhone over the top of a changing room barrier.

Police arrested Shauna Smith, 43, on Wednesday on one felony count of voyeurism. She was booked as a male, under her legal name, Sean Patrick Smith.

Court documents describing the incident state: "The victim's mother confronted the suspect, who immediately fled on foot. Both [the victim and victim's mother] described the suspect as a white male who was wearing a dress and a blonde wig. A witness observed the suspect get into a vehicle and leave the area."


Police later found Smith at her home.

Court documents record Smith admitting to police it wasn't the first time she had filmed females in changing rooms and that she did it for the "same reason men go online to look at pornography."

Target sparked controversy in April when the company announced it would allow customers to use the fitting room or restroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

The company's decision prompted conservative American Family Association to call for a boycott of Target stores.

Target said it was committed to "creating a safe and secure shopping environment" after this week's incident.

- Herald online