The hostage situation in Alabama, where a police officer was shot, is over.

The gunman is dead and the hostage, believed to be his wife, was not injured.

Randolph County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Larry Clarke said the injured office was being treated at the University of Alabama Hospital and was expected to make a full recovery.

Earlier, local media reported that the suspect was "barricaded" in a room with a hostage.


The Heflin Police Department posted on Facebook page shortly after the shooting.

"Please be praying for our Randolph County brother officers, Heflin PD officers - responding to assist in stopping the madness in Randolph County."

Armed officers closed off a road in the Wedowee area and paramedics were on standby.

It was unclear what led to the officer being shot.

Local newspaper the Anniston Star reported that state troopers, communicating over their radios, made statements about the suspect shooting out of the front windshield of a camper van.

One state trooper relayed that Randolph County deputies had fired back at the man who is believed to be 77 years old.

The officer said the gunman was believed to have prior military and law enforcement experience.