The antics of a reporter caught on film being carried by locals through a floodstricken town have quickly become a laughing stock on social media.

Lydia Cummings, 24, was in Puebla, central Mexico, late last month when she was photographed getting ferried over a flooded street by a man and a woman, The New York Post reported.

The reporter is seen holding a microphone and a pink cellphone as the townspeople carry her across muddy floodwaters.

The pair have hoisted Cummings up by her legs to keep her high and dry as they wade through the murky water.


Known now as "#LadyReportera, Cummings has been photoshopped in various scenes.

Some show her being carried through a battle from the hit television show Game of Thrones, others portray her being lifted on the moon.

Reaction to the photo has largely criticised Cummings for being too concerned about her shoes during a natural disaster.

Cummings told local newspaper El Pais that she thought it would be rude to say no to the locals' offer to lend her a hand.

"[Social networks] can work in your favour or against you and [can] change from one to another in seconds. I must be more careful and be more aware of what is shared in my network," she told the paper.