The English may currently be the pariahs of Europe but the people of Germany, the old foe, have at least taken a more conciliatory approach to the Brexit than their politicians have.

Instead of indulging in schadenfreude as the UK's currency plummeted, its business confidence shattered and its markets tanked, the German paper Zeit began an online survey asking the German public to list the things they like the most about the Brits. And they responded overwhelmingly, within hours the trend #WeLoveUKBecause hit Twitter generating dozens of responses.

The English sense of humour and its depth of acting and comedic talent was perhaps the most endearing to the German public, along with the particularly English penchant for tea.
There are some real gems in the commens: "they never ever reserve their sunbeds at 7 a.m."; "they let us win in every important soccer match"; and "'re better than France".

Time for a while then to put down the bats and stop Brit-bashing.