1 Great white suspected

A great white shark suspected of killing a 60-year-old female diver in Perth's north is being hunted. The woman was diving with a 43-year-old man 1km offshore from Mindarie marina on Sunday when she was mauled. "The man said that he felt something go past him and he turned around," Inspector Danny Mulligan told reporters. "When he surfaced, he saw a commotion in the water." Another boat got between the uninjured diver and the shark, and the man was able to get back into his boat and pull the woman from the water. Officers have set gear to catch and kill the animal.

2 Skydiver falls to his death

Deputies in South Carolina say a skydiver collided with another skydiver in midair before falling about 4265m to his death. Local media outlets report that the body of 32-year-old Bond Springer of Boca Raton, Florida, was found near Skydive Carolina, a skydiving business in Chester County. Authorities say Springer and another experienced skydiver were doing advanced wing suit maneuvers when they collided in midair. The other skydiver deployed his main parachute and landed with a broken leg. Officials did not say if Springer's parachute opened or not. Authorities are still investigating.


3 Still waterlogged

The riverside Grand Palais exhibition hall in Paris reopened as floodwaters slowly receded from the French capital, after the worst floods in three decades caused the Seine River to burst its banks. Other regions remained at risk, notably parts of Normandy, as digging out began in villages and towns around the French capital. The Louvre Museum, several Paris train stations and roads remained closed. Quayside restaurants along the Seine were still engulfed in water and tourist boats were unable to pass under bridges.

4 Kuczynski favoured

Two exit polls show that a former World Bank economist looks likely to eke out a slim victory over the daughter of imprisoned ex-President Alberto Fujimori in Peru's presidential runoff. Local pollster Ipsos-Apoyo says Pedro Pablo Kuczynski would get about 50.4 per cent of the votes cast today, compared with 49.6 per cent for his rival Keiko Fujimori. A survey by pollster Gfk showed Kuczynski winning by more than 2 points while a third poll gave Fujimori a small victory.

5 Basic income rejected

Swiss voters rejected by a wide margin today a proposal to introduce a guaranteed basic income for everyone living in the wealthy country after an uneasy debate about the future of work at a time of increasing automation. Supporters had said introducing a monthly income of 2500 Swiss francs ($3690) per adult and 625 francs per child under 18 no matter how much they work would promote human dignity and public service. Opponents, including the Government, said it would cost too much and weaken the economy. Provisional final results showed 76.9 per cent of voters opposed the bold social experiment launched by Basel cafe owner Daniel Haeni and allies.

The promoters Daniel Haeni, left, and Enno Schmidt for an unconditional basic income in Basel, Switzerland. Photo / AP
The promoters Daniel Haeni, left, and Enno Schmidt for an unconditional basic income in Basel, Switzerland. Photo / AP

6 Family see fatal crash

Family members have witnessed a Melbourne crash that killed their mother and another woman. The women's Ford was T-boned by a Mercedes at an Attwood intersection on Sunday night. The passenger died at the scene and the driver died on the way to hospital. Police say family members were following the car closely when it was hit. "They've witnessed the death of their mother, a tragedy I can't get my head around," Detective Sergeant Mark Amos told reporters at the scene. "I don't know how they are going to cope with seeing that event unfold right before their eyes." The male driver of the other car was unhurt and is being questioned by police.

7 New Airbus diving reef

Turkish authorities have sunk an A300 Airbus jet off the Aegean coast with the aim of attracting more diving tourists to the region. The plane was put to the bottom of the sea near Izmir. The sinking of the plane, which is 54m-long and has a wingspan of 44m, is aimed at promoting artificial reef diving, which is hugely popular with experienced divers. Once sunk, the plane acts like a reef, becoming a magnet for underwater flora and fauna. The 36-year-old aircraft was bought by Aydin municipality from a private aviation company.

8 Hostage siege

An injured man armed with a gun is refusing to give himself up to police at a home west of Brisbane. Police say the situation is tense and officers are reluctant to storm the Ipswich home. "He's just not co-operating with police, with negotiators," Ipswich Inspector Keith McDonald has told ABC radio. "We know he's received some injuries. We are extremely reluctant to force entry ... knowing he has possession of weapons." Police said the man has a gun and was hurt in a fight with someone else at the Woodend home.

9 Ammo explosions

One soldier has been killed and thousands of people have been evacuated after a fire and a series of explosions at one of Sri Lanka's biggest ammunition dumps, where the army stores heavy weapons, officials say. Explosions at the army camp at Salawa, 33km east of the capital Colombo, continued for more than five hours and were heard more than 12 km away, local residents said. The cause was not immediately known and the government ordered an investigation by the police criminal investigation department.

10 Mass grave

A mass grave containing the remains of around 400 people has been found near the Isis-controlled city of Fallujah, where government forces are pressing on with an offensive to retake it from the extremist militia, military sources say. Iraqi forces uncovered the grave in Fallujah's north-western suburb of Saqalawiya after the Government said it had recaptured the largely agricultural area from Isis (Islamic State).

11 They didn't fly away

Police in Northern California say they arrested five men for stealing US$4700 worth of energy drinks. San Jose television station KNTV reports Vacaville police officers nabbed the four adults and one juvenile as they wheelled a cart full of Red Bull out of a grocery store and loaded it into a waiting U-Haul van. The Vacaville Police Department says the grocery store was one of many places visited by the group. Police said the U-Haul van was packed with the energy drink.

12 Threatened with fake gun

A woman has had a fake gun held to her head by a man who pulled the trigger twice during a carjacking attempt in Victoria. Police say the man pointed what appeared to be an imitation firearm at the woman as she got out of her Audi in a Castlemaine car park a week ago. She refused his demands to hand over her car keys twice - and each time she heard the click of the gun as he pulled the trigger. The man fled empty-handed.

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