The crashed EgyptAir jet showed no technical issues before taking off from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, according to an Aircraft Technical Log signed by its pilot before take off, Egyptian state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram says.

Al-Ahram published a scan of the log on its website. Egypt's largest state newspaper also reported that EgyptAir Flight MS804 transmitted 11 "electronic messages" starting at 9.09am NZT on May 19.

The first two indicated that the engines were functional. The third message came at 12.26 and showed a rise in the temperature of the co-pilot's window.

The plane kept transmitting messages for the next three minutes before vanishing off radar screens, the Al-Ahram report said.


EgyptAir flight 804 vanished from radar screens last Thursday, with 66 passengers and crew on board. Greece will start dispatching key information on the crash to Egyptian authorities tomorrow, including data from the airliner as it flew through Greek airspace moments before disappearing, a source close to the probe says. "We will start sending the main data from tomorrow, including the radar tracking and the conversation with controllers," one source told Reuters.

- Reuters, DPA, AAP