Twitter and Instagram users lampooned Ted Cruz today for accidentally elbowing his wife Heidi in the face, moments after dropping out of the presidential race.

The Texas senator hugged her after his concession speech before jabbing his finger into her face and hitting her with his elbow as he embraced his father Rafael.

A woman lamented: 'And poor Heidi Cruz takes the loss harder than anyone - in the face.'

Another Twitter user asked: 'Anyone else having a hard time making sense of the transcript of Cruz's concession speech?' and attached a picture of one of the cryptograms sent to the police by the killer at the time of the murders.


Carly Fiorina, who became Cruz's running mate less than a week before he dropped out of the race, was not spared by today's jokes.

Ted Cruz, the insurgent Texan whose presidential campaign was fueled by disdain for Washington, dropped out of the 2016 race, removing the last major hurdle in Donald Trump's quest to become the Republican nominee for president.

Someone on Twitter said ironically the former HP CEO had had 'a major impact' on Cruz's campaign.

Another user poked fun at the pair, saying they would 'melt' if they were left out in the sun.

Reflecting on the whole campaign, one posted an elaborate chart inspired by the NCAA March Madness, showing how Trump and Kasich had come to be the final two contenders for the GOP nomination.

The user, Daniel Donner, titled the chart the '2016 March To Madness'.

Another person, with the Twitter handle @TheGoodGodAbove, praised Cruz for dropping out, adding: 'For once in your life, you listened to God.'

A woman noted the Cruz ship had 'gone down like the Titanic'.

And a man tweeted: 'Smart of Cruz to announce his dropout at a podium instead of his original plan, which was to whisper it into every voter's ear as they slept.'

Someone made use of the Crying Jordan meme, which features a photo of the former Chicago Bulls player in tears during his 2009 induction at the Basketball Hall of Fame.
They replaced Cruz with a cutout of Jordan in a photo of the concession speech.

Many also poked fun at John Kasich for staying in the race against Donald Trump.

Some made references to the voracious appetite displayed by the Ohio governor on the campaign trail.

One user saying someone ought to 'pull Kasich out of that deli in the Bronx where he lives now to tell him the news'.

But someone else said the governor would never drop out of the race before a visit at In-N-Out Burger, which operates on the West coast.

A woman posted a photo of Patrick, the voracious starfish in Spongebob Squarepants, inhaling dozens of Krabby Patties with the caption: 'Kasich is too busy eating his way to California in free campaign food to bow out now.'

Buzzfeed reporter Andrew Kaczynski pictured Kasich looking up while eating a sandwich, pointing to himself and saying with his mouth half full: 'Me?'

Yahoo News editor Colin Campbell had a different vision and imagined the governor putting on his headphone to listen to Eminem's 'Lose Yourself'.

- Daily Mail