Warning: Content may disturb

A teenager accused of live-streaming the rape of her 17-year-old friend got caught up in collecting "likes" on social media, a prosecutor says.

Marina Lonina, 18, and Raymond Gates, 29, have been charged with kidnapping, rape, sexual battery and breaking child pornography laws. The alleged attack happened in Ohio in February. Both pleaded not guilty.

Ron O'Brien, a prosecutor, said that Lonina started streaming the video on Periscope hoping to put a stop to the crime. "I have never seen a case such as this where you would actually live stream a sexual assault ... It didn't appear for the most part of it that she was attempting to help the victim." He said she continued streaming as she gained attention on social media. "She got caught up in the likes."


A friend of Lonina's saw the video and contacted police. The victim can be heard screaming: "No, it hurts so much." Lawyer Sam Shamansky said at one point Lonina asked followers: "What should I do now?" According to the New York Times, Lonina told police she filmed the encounter to gather evidence.