A New Zealand-bred horse is making waves in the racing world for his "unique" moniker.

Horsey McHorseface was purchased for $45,000 in New Zealand in November by Australian Joe Rosetti. The 2-year-old gelding will debut in Australia next month.

Rosetti's racing manager Jake Bruce spoke to CNN about the quirky name.

"We had a laugh about it in the office and thought, 'Hey, why not'," he said.


"Joe's a good bloke and he's a good horse. We just thought it would be a good fit."

Burke said Horsey had "as good a chance as any to make it".

"We'd absolutely love to win with him on a big day. It would be hilarious and great for the owners," he told CNN.

The name follows an online poll in the UK where thousands of people flocked to a government website to support naming a British research ship RRS Boaty McBoatface.