This is the shocking moment a matador was gored in the buttocks by a bull, but incredibly walked away with just minor injuries.

Andres Roca Rey, 19, was lucky to survive after the 1,176lb bull he was taking on appeared to impale him through the bottom.

There was panic inside the La Maestranza bullring in Seville, Spain, as the animal lifted Roca Rey up with its left horn, shaking him like a rag doll as the fighter screamed in agony.

Graphic footage shows blood pouring down the Peruvian bullfighter's left thigh as he is tossed around, while fellow matadors stream into the ring to try to help.


Roca Rey wrestles himself free of the horn and falls to the ground, with the bleeding bull backing away as the fighter covers his head with his hands.

While these horrific pictures appear to show the bull's horn goring Roca Rey through the buttocks, he was able to walk away with minor injuries.

It is believed that the bull's horn grazed the matador's thigh, but miraculously avoided more delicate areas as he rode on top of the animal's head.

The blood seen on Roca Rey is thought to be that of the bull's, rather than his own. Bulls are routinely stabbed in the back and shoulders before entering the ring to make them more angry but also to ensure they are weaker by the time they face a matador.

The shaken fighter took a victory lap after the mauling and was applauded by the thousands in the crowd, including the former king of Spain, Juan Carlos.

Roca Rey is due back in the ring on Tuesday and a statement put out on his official website following the scare made light of the brush with death.

It was not the first time Roca Rey has cheated death in the bullring.

In November last year, he lost two teeth after a bull thrust its horn through his mouth.


Footage of the incident after the strike showed Roca Rey with blood on his face as he was treated by an organizer.

The bullfighter was taken to a local hospital for treatment and medics said he had been lucky not to have suffered a more serious injury.

He had false teeth fitted weeks later and returned to the ring shortly afterwards.