A horse walks into a bar... literally.

A bizarre photo has surfaced of a mounted police officer riding a horse into the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi, Sydney.

The photo was taken at lunchtime on Sunday by Patrick Stevenson, a local photographer and Joneaux Seidler, a Sydney-based writer.

The photo was shared on both their Instagram accounts.


Simon Curtis, a manager at the hotel said the horse was posing and the photo was taken intentionally.

"The horse just jumped in here for a photo," he said.

"The horses had been out by the beach all day and they were wandering past the hotel."

Mounted Police perform the same duties of general policing, with the only difference being the mode of transport.

They conduct patrols in pairs and are highly effective due to the mobility and elevation of the officers riding on horse back.

Mr Curtis said we can expect more photos in the coming days.

"There's more photos of them playing volleyball apparently," he said.

Mr Curtis said he didn't get the chance to ask the horse: "why the long face?"

-Daily Mail