A New Zealander who works next to the Brussels airport where twin explosions killed at least 11 people has described the chaos in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

Kiwi Michael Nutt arrived at work, directly beside Zaventem Airport in the Belgian capital, shortly after the deadly explosions last night (NZ time).

The 25-year-old, from Auckland, moved to Brussels in August last year and works for an international logistics company with a branch immediately beside the airport.

"There was a constant stream of police vehicles, military vehicles and ambulances that began wailing almost immediately and continued throughout the morning. People were rushing from the scene chaotically."


Mr Nutt said there was a lot of fear and confusion all around him.

"People were afraid there were more devices. I heard what I believed to be the secondary blasts that the military executed to neutralise suspected additional devices."

He said the area was quickly shut down and traffic in was shut down, meaning he only managed to leave the airport area several hours later.

"I stayed where I was in case there were additional bombs.

"People immediately drew the connection between this attack and the arrest of the Paris terrorist leader. There were several people talking about shots being fired."

Mr Nutt said people in Brussels have grown accustomed to the prospect of terror.

"Seeing armed, uniformed military personnel at bus stops is common place here. There is a resilience which is amazing. But fear and anger is very visible."

He said it was tense not knowing exactly what was happening.

"There have been murmurings of discontent over the capability of the police.

"But the handling of today's events has been seen as universally excellent."