Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.

1. Australian aid worker Jocelyn Elliot has vowed to continue with her medical charity in Burkina Faso. She was freed by al-Qaeda-linked militants after three weeks of captivity. Her doctor husband Ken is still a hostage. "I really hope to be with my husband soon so that we can go to Djibo and continue (our work) there," she told journalists.

2. Rescuers have pulled out an 8-year-old girl Lin Su Chin and her aunt Chen Mei Jih from the rubble in Tainan more than 60 hours after an apartment block collapsed there. The official toll is up to 38.

3. As the presidential candidates enter the nervous final 24 hours before the New Hampshire primary, former President Bill Clinton has been making the case for his wife Hillary against her challenger Bernie Sanders. He tore into Sanders' online supporters - known as 'Bernie bros' - for trolling attacks and argued that realism and incrementalism had a better chance of achieving change than Sanders' 'revolution'.


4. A UN human rights investigation says the Syrian Government has carried out a state policy of extermination against thousands of detainees. The study says detainees have been tortured, some have been beaten to death and others have died from lack of food and water and medical care. It says both regime loyalists and opposing forces have committed possible war crimes.

5. US President Barack Obama is seeking US$1.8 billion from Congress to battle the Zika virus. The money will be used in the US and overseas to respond to the outbreak, research vaccines and prevent its spread.

6. A male leopard believed to be about 8 years old entered a school in Bangalore, India, and injured six people trying to capture it. After nearly 10 hours of trying the beast was cornered and tranquillised at Vibgyor International School and released in a national park.

7. A man has been charged with crashing a drone into the Empire State building. Police say it hit the skyscraper's 40th floor and then fell on to a ledge five levels down. Sean Riddle was charged with reckless endangerment and illegal navigation of an aircraft. The New York landmark is in a restricted zone. Meanwhile the UK Metropolitan police are considering using eagles to intercept drones following trials in the Netherlands.

8. Irish nationals opposed to the peace process in Northern Ireland have told the BBC they were behind a fatal shooting at a Dublin hotel last weekend. It was retaliation for the killing of an ally in 2012. One man was killed and two others wounded in the latest incident, in which gunmen dressed like special forces opened fire with automatic weapons at a boxing weigh-in.