Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.


Donald Trump has called for an Iowa rematch after accusing rival US presidential candidate Ted Cruz of fraud. During the caucus the Cruz campaign told voters Ben Carson was planning to quit the race which was not true. The Cruz camp said it was a misunderstanding but Trump, who finished second to Cruz, said: "Ted Cruz didn't win Iowa, he stole it. That's why all the polls were wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!"

2. South American health ministers launched emergency talks on the Zika outbreak with officials from 13 countries meeting in Uruguay to coordinate action. Brazil says it has deployed 522,000 personnel to prevent infections by cleaning up and advising people. The country has 1.5 million cases.


3. A Chinese woman heading home for the holidays had a commercial plane flight all to herself after weather delays removed other passengers. The woman, surnamed Zhang, documented her trip on social media, AFP reports. Her China Southern plane from Wuhan was delayed 10 hours.

4. A bomb is believed to have caused the hole in a Somali plane that required an emergency landing earlier this week. The pilot of the Daallo Airlines plane, Vladimir Vodopivec, said he thought it was a bomb and aviation safety expert Xavier Tytelmas said it had all the appearances of one. The body of a man believed sucked out of the Airbus A321 has been recovered.

5. Syrian peace talks have been suspended by the UN until February 25 after a lack of progress in their first week in Geneva.

6. A Russian ice hockey prospect has died in hospital three weeks after he was hit in the neck by a puck that was travelling at more than 160 km/h, smashing bones and damaging arteries. Alexander Orekhov, 16, a junior with Metallurg Novokuznetsk suffered a broken neck on January 14 and was put in a coma.

7. Norfolk council in Britain is considering removing white lines from the middle of some roads after research showed that doing so slows down drivers and makes them drive more cautiously. But the AA wants road markings stepped up rather than decreased.

8. A British boy with a rare sleeping illness caused by a swine flu vaccine has won 120,000 pounds in damages. Josh Hadfield, 10, from Frome in Somerset received the vaccine six years ago. It is no longer used.