Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.


The US presidential candidates have turned their attention to New Hampshire after Iowa officials confirmed Hillary Clinton had won narrowly against Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side. New Hampshire holds a primary next week. It has a more politically moderate and less religious electorate than Iowa - which puts Republican winner Ted Cruz at a disadvantage. Sanders is a senator of neighbouring Vermont and has a handy lead in opinion polls over Clinton. The Democrats hold a debate on CNN tomorrow.

2. North Korea is to launch a rocket. It has issued formal notification to the UN of a plan to launch a satellite. The move is a breach of UN resolutions following last month's nuclear test.


3. Scientists at the University of Vienna studying ravens have found a capacity for abstraction in the birds' behaviour in hiding food. Ravens can imagine being spied on by a hidden competitor. Scientists say it shows they are capable of understanding what might be going on in the mind of another.

4. The Chinese new year migration is underway with huge crowds on the move. At least 100,000 travellers were stuck for a while at Guangzhou's main railway station during cold weather which saw at least 23 trains delayed. State media reports that thousands are still there.

5. At an anti-Isis conference in Italy, the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, ruled out sending combat troops to Libya saying the UK could help with intelligence-gathering. The Italian Government is planning to send thousands of troops to train a new Libyan army.

6. A Somali plane managed to land in Mogadishu with a hole in its side after reports of a fuselage failure and a fire. The Daallo Airlines flight carrying about 60 people was headed to Djibouti. The hole appeared shortly after takeoff at 10,000 ft (3048m). Officials said two passengers were hurt.

7. Rome has been ordered to clean up the management of its city-owned property after a study found some apartments being rented for a song because no one had bothered raising rent. In all, 574 apartments have been rented at below market prices, AFP reports. They include one near the Vatican for 10.29 euros a month, another overlooking the Forum for 23.36 euros and one on the road to the Coliseum for 25.64 euros.

8. EU president Donald Tusk has come up with a plan to keep Britain in the EU after talks in London. There will be two weeks of negotiations before a summit on February 19-20. A referendum on Britain's membership is expected in June. The plan of reforms in return for Prime Minister David Cameron backing Britain to stay, includes a four-year brake on welfare payments for EU migrant workers in the UK.