Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.


The latest killing video from Isis (Islamic State) features a blond-haired Frenchman. The man, whose eyes and hair can be seen even though he is wearing a balaclava, is one of a group of jihadis who kill five prisoners in the video. He says to expect something that will "make them forget September 11 and Paris," the




2. Dozens of people have been killed in a suicide bombing at a Shia shrine in Damascus' Sayeda Zeinab district. The bombing comes as talks are being held in Geneva on Syria and the main opposition group met a UN representative.

3. US presidential hopefuls were in a frantic sprint ahead of tomorrow's Iowa caucuses. Armies of volunteers knocked on doors and manned phone banks to try to ensure turnout. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz chased evangelical voters. Trump released a video featuring himself holding a Bible. Hillary Clinton appeared at an event with former congresswoman and gun violence victim Gabby Giffords. And Clinton's rival Bernie Sanders - helped by the pulling power of band Vampire Weekend - held a massive rally in Iowa City.

4. Doctors in Switzerland have separated 8-day-old conjoined sisters Lydia and Maya. They are thought to be the youngest babies to be successfully parted. The girls were fused at the liver and chest and weighed just 2.2kg together, the BBC reported.

5. The World Health Organisation is to meet later today to advise on an international response to the Zika virus, which has been linked to health problems in babies. The WHO committee will decide whether to designate the virus a global emergency meriting a co-ordinated response, like the recent Ebola outbreak.

6. A Bangladeshi nicknamed Tree Man for bark-like warts on his hands and feet will finally have surgery to remove the 5kg growths, AFP reports. Abul Bajander, 26, from Khulna first saw the warts about 10 years ago and they began spreading six years later. He was forced to quit work as a bicycle puller.

7. British broadcaster Terry Wogan has died of cancer, aged 77. The Irish-born Wogan was one of the BBC's most recognisable faces.

8. A UK poll has given the campaign to take the country out of the European Union a four-point lead - the biggest since October 2014. The YouGov poll had the 'out' support ahead by 42 per cent to the 'in' 38 per cent.