The victim of the doctor dubbed 'Sweden's Fritzl' has spoken of her harrowing ordeal during the six days she was raped, kidnapped and locked in his sex-dungeon bunker 350 miles from her home.

The woman, who is in her 30s, revealed how Martin Trenneborg told her it was impossible for her to escape the bunker, and that any attempts would leave her with "a stinking corpse".

She has also told of how Trenneborg told her in great detail exactly what he had done to her while she was unconscious, even admitting to her that he had raped her.

The victim told police how Trenneborg had described to her how he had drugged her using strawberries, and told her that he had sex with her while she was unconscious.


The couple had first met after getting in touch over the phone, and the woman told police how he had charmed her by pretending to be an American stock broker living in London.

The pair met in her flat in Stockholm on September 10, last year, for just two hours during which they have sex.

"When we were were having sex he kept staring at me. Like, the whole time. Stared right into my eyes... a lot, and that's very unusual, that you do that the whole time."

However, despite noticing the strange behaviour, she agrees to meet him for a second date two nights later, which is when Trenneborg put his kidnapping plan into action.

After arriving in her flat, he gave the woman chocolate-dipped strawberries, marking which of the berries he had laced with Rohypnol by drawing on the stem leaves.

"We drank some champagne. But only a little. Then he wanted us to eat the strawberries, he was actually feeding me them as an romantic gesture."

He then raped the woman while she was passed out in her home, before transporting her in a wheelchair to his car, where he put on a mask resembling an old woman, to conceal her identity.

Trenneborg, who worked as a freelance physician, is believed to have built the 60 square meter bunker himself, starting five years ago.

The concrete-enforced walls are 12.5 inches thick and the bunker has a bedroom, functioning toilet and a fully fitted kitchen.

The bunker even has a small, covered courtyard, where the person living in the bunker would be able to go outside without being seen by neighbours.

The victim also told police of her life inside the bunker, and how Trenneborg made feeble attempts to groom her into a Stockholm syndrome.

The woman reveals that Trenneborg had made it clear his intention was to keep her locked up "as a girlfriend'", "to 'have sex two or three times a day, clean and cook".

"He would come in at around half past seven in the morning, and then he would take me out in the court yard he built."

She describes how he then leaves her alone in the bunker, returning after work at around six.

"Every time he came I didn't know what was going to happen, whether he would rape me or torture me or murder me."

The doctor is believed to have panicked, and brought the woman to Stockholm where they visited a police station together on September 18.

Prosecutors say the doctor forced the woman to tell police a fake story that she was safe and well, in order to call off the search, but officers grew suspicious and took her to one side.

The woman then told police the full story of her horrific ordeal, after which Trenneborg was arrested.

- Daily Mail