The mother of a 12-year-old Australian boy accused of throwing rocks at passing cars filmed him swearing at police officers as they arrested him.

Footage shows the child swearing at officers and spitting on the ground while his hands are handcuffed behind his back.

His mother tells one of the other young boys also believed to be her son that she's going to "whack him right in front of the police".

"Stop swearing, settle down,: one of the police officers tells the child, who is angrily pacing back and forth.


"Can you please take these off, there you go, I used my manners," the boy says.

When the officer refuses the 12-year-old calls him a "motherf***er", and a "pig".

The other officer in the video is taking down the woman's details and those of her children while the mother continues to film the 12-year-old.

The boy continues to yell at the cops to take off his handcuffs, calling them "pigs", "dirty dogs" and a plethora of other derogatory terms.

"Shut your mouth right now," the mother yells at the boy in handcuffs, before threatening to 'whack' her other son.

"Take these f***ing handcuffs off me... you're luck bra you're a f***ing copper," the 12-year-old screams at the police.

As the cop continues to take down the woman's details, he asks for clarification of the name of the child in handcuffs.

"What, you arrested him and you don't even know his name?" the mother yells.

"You walked straight up to me and said my name you stupid pig... that's why you're pissing me off you dumb dog," the 12-year-old says

When the police finish recording the details of the family involved, one reiterates why the 12-year-old was put in handcuffs.

"He's been involved in throwing rocks at passing vehicles, as well as a bus - causing damage to two different bus windows," one of the officers tells the child's mother.

The woman screams at the children to come along with her, telling them they're going straight to "pop's".

"This here's going viral, this motherf***er," she yells. "This is going on Facebook when I get home."

- Daily Mail