British MPs branded Republican candidate Donald Trump a buffoon, a demagogue and a wazzock.

The three-hour debate in Westminster yesterday was sparked by a petition of 570,000 signatures that followed Trump's call to ban all Muslims from entering America.

There will be no direct action as a result of the debate and there was no vote on the issue, but MPs agreed they "duly considered" the petition.

Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said Trump's suggestion to ban Muslims ignored the fact that Muslims themselves are victims of terrorism.

Anne McLaughlin, a Scottish National MP, blasted the hypocrisy of Trump who is himself the son of a Scottish immigrant, which she apologised for.


She added: "The Mexican migrants that Trump so roundly defamed are engaged in the same quest as his forebears."

Dr Sarah Woollaston, a Conservative MP, said: "Just reflect on the consequences of your kind of religious bigotry, think again. If you do visit this country, take time to visit the mosques. Take time to reflect on how dangerous that kind of rhetoric is."

Tory MP Paul Scully said: "We British are pretty good at roasting beef. Why don't we roast Trump instead?"

Jack Dromey, Labour's Shadow Home Affairs Minister, wanted Trump banned.

He said: "Donald Trump is a fool, but he is not free to be a dangerous fool in Britain." Tory MP Victoria Atkins said Trump was "bonkers" and her constituents would brand him a "wazzock" (annoying person).

Naz Shah, a Labour MP, called Trump a "demagogue".

She said: "I would give an open invitation to Donald Trump to visit my constituency. I'd take him to the synagogue, I'd take him to the mosque, I'd take him for a curry."

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