A British tourist holidaying in Australia was encouraged to climb down a ledge to pose for a 'fun' photo before she fell 30 meters to her death, a inquest has heard.

Zoe Woolmer, 23, was on a guided tour at Kings Canyon in Australia's Northern Territory when she was encouraged to take a 'dangling off the cliff' photo, the Daily Mail reported.

After she received a safety demonstration from a guide at The Rock Tour Company she attempted to take the photo at a lookout known as Kestral Falls.

The Daily Mail reported that a witness said Ms Woolmer jumped down to the ledge as she lost her balance and a third said she stumbled as she turned after reaching the ledge.


Ms Woolmer then fell about 15 metres onto more rocks and suffered severe injuries.

The Daily Mail reported that she was still alive when rangers arrived about 50 minutes later and she was able to talk to paramedics but not long after she died at the scene.

Ms Woolmer was in Australia on a 12-month working visa when she fell to her death in June last year.

She was on a trip of a lifetime, the Daily Mail reported.

Ms Woolmer's friends and family took to social media to express their sadness after the incident.

Her mother Dawn wrote on Facebook: "It is with a heavy heart that our family and friends report the sad loss of our dear Zoe during her much loved trip to Australia. Words fail us during the difficult time."

Ms Woolmer's friend Connie Patterson wrote on Facebook of her: "I miss you like crazy and cannot ever put into words how much I love you and the great experiences we have shared together!"

A number of photos of guides and walkers posing on the ledge were posted to the company's Facebook page, but were removed following Ms Woolmer's death.